We are content hacking results-or-die! marketers who merge agile growth tactics with high-converting content to achieve rapid 10x growth. One part marketing, one part engineering, one part high-risk, and a whole lot of high reward. 


Phase One: Plan

We start by outlining what your content will look like and discover exactly how that content delivers the core value your business offers to your target customers. This phase forms the nucleus of your content strategy


Stage One: Competition-Free Content

Competition-free content is content that adds tremendous value to your customers and audience that only you can produce. It is content so uniquely valuable, it makes your competition look like they didn't even try. It's the key to content that stands out and gets results. 

Stage Two: Content Core

Your content core connects the dots between what your customers care about and what you have to offer them. It contrasts with "parallel topics," which drive traffic, but fail to bring business results. Content core topics intersect your target customers' needs with the value your products or services provide.


Phase Two: Execute

This is where we execute the highest-growth projects of your marketing journey. This phase of the formula; brainstorms which projects will achieve tenfold results, map them out onto our calendar, utilize lean workflows that skyrocket efficiency and create the best content in your niche.


Stage Three: 10x Projects

A 10x project is one that can positively impact a large number of people in your audience and produce big revenue returns for your business. We contrast 10x projects with 10% improvements. 

Stage Four: Our Editorial Calendar

Our 10x calendar is our editorial calendar fueled by our 10x projects, absent of 10 percent work. Our 10x calendar will become mission control for all marketing activities.

Stage Five: Workflows

Our workflows are pre-approved, lean, and include high standards of performance that create smartly organized processes to streamline productivity. We cut redundant tasks, define what "done" looks like, and define how long each task should take. 

Stage Six: Content

10x Content is content so superior to everything else on a given topic it renders all other pieces irrelevant. With 10x content, you will add unmatched value to your users and get results. 


Stage Seven: 10x Team

10x teams embrace a process that acknowledges guessing, embraces failure, thrives on learning, and consistently pursues the best results over activity. They rigorously apply agile marketing principles with small low-risk experiments to move fast, learn quickly, and find what works (and what doesn't).


Phase Three: Publish

In Phase three, you will adopt the minimum viable marketing process (MVM) to test your assumptions, de-risk projects, and ship those projects quickly. You will also learn how to promote content through social media, as well as build and monetize an email list. 


Stage Eight: Minimum Viable Marketing

Minimum viable marketing is a process for testing your assumptions about the results a project or idea will generate. Assumptions are extremely risky because they're so often wrong, which dooms your ideas to failure. MVM helps you quickly validate the, and minimize risk of investing in projects likely to fail. 

Stage Nine: 10x Social Promotion

10x social promotion is a framework for combining intelligent automation with robust, engagement-increasing social media methods. Create awesome stuff, then never shut up about it. 

Stage Ten: 10x Email Promotion

10x email promotion is the mindset and methodologies required to prioritize, build, and monetize a massive email list. This is a priority in the 10x marketing formula because you own the list you build, while you rent your social media following. 


Phase Four: Analyze

Optimize your content to convert an audience into customers. And finally, you will learn to focus on and measure everything against your one metric that matters (1MTM)  - the metric most directly tied to revenue growth.


Stage Eleven: Conversion Psychology

Conversation psychology helps 10x marketers crawl into the minds of their customers, understand the five stages of awareness in the conversion funnel, and write compelling calls to value and calls to action.

Stage Twelve: One Metric That Matters

1MTM is a framework for focus, analysis, and ultimate results using three stages of growth. Yout 1MTM becomes your team's North Star of activity and success.