Need More Qualified Sales Appointments
For You Or Your Team?


We’ve seen some great results with other clients in terms of increasing impressions and website traffic driven from Instagram with these tactics.


B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation

There’s a fine line between targeted outreach and spam. And typically spam is when you really are just trying to shove a message down someone’s throat, and you haven’t really taken the time to make sure that they are really even the right fit for that message. This is targeted outreach at its finest.





When Would You Need This

This service is perfect for a company that has an exact understanding of their target job role, seniority level, industry, and/or job title of their most ideal customer. For example, “Financial Advisor” is very easy to find and hunt down using this service.


What You Get

We start by creating a targeted lead list of prospective customers based off your criteria. We then scrub/clean that list against existing customer databases and check it for quality. From there we create, using your input and our strategies, a series of custom messages that we want to send to these prospects.

We then begin sending connection requests and messages to them. If a prospect responds, we do our best to answer their responses, so as not to bother you with your time. However, especially in the beginning, we get a lot of questions that we are unable to answer. At that point, we bring in you, the client, to answer as you see fit, and then we take your answers and create a database of questions and answers so that you never have to answer that question again.

From here the goal is to book sales qualification calls, demos, or appointments. Whatever it is that you need more of.

We absolutely keep a close eye on responses to ensure we are hitting the right people, that the message is well received, and that we are being decent human beings.


The Uptown Agency LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaign Management

You need QUALITY sales opportunities on a consistent basis to grow your business.

We help businesses expand their client base through proven LinkedIn marketing strategies. By leveraging LinkedIn, and Warm Email, we’ll implement a systematic outreach and relationship marketing system to help find and turn your BEST prospects into paying clients.

Is This Service Right For You?

Fair Question! Our done-for-you LinkedIn Campaign Management services are not for everybody. Here's how you can make sure that our lead generation services are the right fit for you and your business:

This Is A Fit If You:

  • Want a team of experts to do the work for you
  • Want to increase the volume and quality of sales appointments for you and/or your sales team
  • Sell a high-ticket product or service to other businesses
  • Understand the value of building trust and relationships with your best prospects

This Is NOT A Fit If You:

  • If you do not work with clients or have an interest in working with clients
  • Are not willing or able to invest in your business' future
  • You do not want our team to generate 10-15 high-ticket sales appointments for you every month
  • If you are not willing to sell your product or services through sales appointments or strategy sessions

What Can You Expect As A Result of Our Work

The Uptown Agency Is The #1 B2B & LinkedIn Marketing Firm and 100% Driven By Results. As a Client We’ll Help You Build:


Trust & Relationships

Our process will allow you to build lasting relationships with your most valuable prospects on LinkedIn through proven psychological and social principles.


Authority Status

Through time-tested tactics and strategies we’ll position you and your brand as an authority in your industry in a way that will have your prospects predisposed to want to talk to you.


Increased Revenue

We’ll get 10-15 additional high-ticket sales appointments for you or your team every single month. All you have to do is close them.



We’ll take care of 90% of the heavy lifting so that you can spend more time running your business.