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We work with clients globally that include recently funded startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 brands alike to help them achieve their growth goals.

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 Customer Journey Marketing Framework

We all want to grow faster—more leads, more signups, more revenue. Growth is the high-octane fuel that startups, industries, and enterprises thrive on. At the same time, we need to spend as little as possible (since most of us don’t have Nike’s budget or Google’s brand awareness).

What if we told you that there’s an easy way to do this – grow faster for less? (eyes should roll) That the best marketers use a blueprint to acquire, nurture, and grow customers automatically, while also improving their customer’s experience and winning loyal advocates?

You’re about to discover how The Uptown Agency helps companies use customer journey marketing to achieve rocket-ship growth while engaging in a more personal and contextual manner.


 How It Works


Phase 1:


Convert anonymous website visitors into paying customers.


Phase 2:


Warm up and educate contacts who aren’t ready to buy, then identify those contacts whose actions show buying signals


Phase 3:


Implement or welcome new paying customers, then maintain a steady drumbeat of automated and batch communications, including online training, events and webinars, usage-triggered nudges, product announcements, newsletters, and upsell or cross-sell journeys, which are designed to grow customer lifetime value (CLV) and earn referrals.

 Branding & Design


Your logo is the basic mark of brand identity, the most prominent symbol of brand image and the foundation of effective marketing strategy and should connect with your target audience.


It’s all the small details that really build a branding system. Color Palette, typography, corporate typefaces, standard typographic treatments, and consistent style for images.


From business cards to digital graphics to full color catalogs, our full-service graphic design creative solutions will make your business look professional and appealing.


Business cards, letterheads, sales materials,  envelopes, flyers, brochures, proposals, trade shows, billboards, and large format graphics.

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 Website Design and Development

Mobile responsive websites and landing pages built to convert.

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 Video Production

Our team specializes in visual storytelling to help build powerful brands. Offerings include viral, drone, animated, in-game, original, & corporate video production.

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Website Design

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Social Media


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B2B Growth Hacking

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The Uptown Agency Logo FB Size.jpg

Located in Victory Park, Dallas. The Uptown Agency is a group of 10x marketers with a "Results or Die!" mindset. No 10 percenters allowed.


The Uptown Agency thrives on a mantra of "Results or Die!" No matter how large or small our mutual teams, we think like a scrappy startup, act like a scrappy startup, and market like a scrappy startup. We have learned the formula for companies who want to blaze their own paths and realize 10x results. 

Our team is full of creative problem solvers who knows it isn't about working a plan, it is about working ideas to produce results. We know from experience that growth requires prioritizing 10x ideas, forgetting 10% ideas, and that ideas are only as good as a teams ability to execute them. 

The Uptown Agency consistently tests it's assumptions against actual results, so that we are always orbiting and growing the one metric that matters, real business growth. 


Ready. Set. Grow. 

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